Hi, I’m Ania and I want to ensure you:


Sounds doubtful? Well, it was to me at some point as well. However I did everything I could to make it happen – and here I am – showing through my own life that anything is possible. You just need to focus on yourself, what is best for you, listen to your heart and have people that support you all the way.

I was born in Poland in the years of martial law when it was hard to travel abroad. And even the political situation later changed, the mindset lasted for years. However, I studied, worked and lived in 5 foreign countries (US, Ireland, Finland, Czech Republic, Russia). Now I live in Barcelona, Spain, 3 mins from the beach. Because I dreamt about it  & made things happen.

I have a Master’s degree in Sociology and Management. I’m Associate Certified Coach in the International Coach Federation and I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I’m also Intuitive Life-Coach trained by Christie Marie Sheldon. My education has equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge of social behaviors, coaching, holistic nutrition, and business. Whatever I do, I strive for the best level possible.

I worked since I was 6 years old, picking fruit at the farm. Later I did all the jobs possible for a teenager from packing gravel in my uncle’s garage, working night-shifts in a washing powder factory to tutoring little kids. I cleaned hotel rooms, worked in the kitchen and as a waitress. Now I have 10 years experience in global brands strategy, where I led international marketing teams in various countries. I simply know how to build the brands and how to set up effective marketing strategies.

Health is my passion. I’d not be here if that was not the truth. I am a blood cancer survivor. I went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy with all its ups and downs. Just at the time I trusted that I’ll be fine, I jumped from the 12m bridge doing some extreme sports… which resulted in the spinal compression fracture. I spent months mostly laying… in bed, on a bed, on a floor. Every move was a pain. However, I survived. I had to, as I have a very strong life mission.

I’m here on this planet to empower people to make a long-lasting, significant positive change in their lives and all of those around. And I want to do that on a large scale. This is why I support all health coaches and healers, people that care about others and help them to build their businesses. Their successes are my success – to fulfill the mission I live for.

I’m here to support you and give you everything you need to build the health business of your dreams that you could help as many clients as it is possible <3