Your mindset is like a filter through which you see the world, the opportunities, the challenges. It influences your expectations, and ultimately your results.

You can choose to see the world as a place of abundance or a place of scarcity. There is a HUGE difference between these two.

An abundance mindset is hopeful, positive, and expects the best. It is also more altruistic since you believe that you’ll receive what you need. It frees you up to do more for others.

A scarcity mindset, on the other hand, leads to negativity and selfishness. You feel the need to look out for yourself, even at the expense of others.

Viewing the world from a position of abundance has several positive effects on your life and your business:

  1. An abundance mindset allows you to see other entrepreneurs as potential mentors or people you can do the business with, that you can cooperate.
    That opens your possibilities, as you believe that there is plenty to go around. You believe there is plenty of money in the world, plenty of potential clients, and plenty of opportunities in general.

    A scarcity mindset believes there is a limited supply of everything, and that someone else must lose in order for you to win. So your competitors are there to compete with you, which can cause frustration, feeling of isolation, lack of support and not belonging in here.

  2. Life is easier with an abundance mindset. You believe that anything is possible. With that attitude, you’re willing to try and you expect things will eventually go your way. If they don’t, you treat it as a lesson and move on, rather than „cry on the spilled milk”.

    If you have a scarcity mindset, you believe that life is difficult. You see success as being harder than it really is. You think that in order to succeed you need to work really hard, long hours. You expect the worst and might convince yourself that it’s pointless to even try. It’s much more challenging to be successful with a scarcity mindset.

  3. Opportunities are easier to see when you expect to find them. An abundance mindset makes opportunities more visible. Seek and you shall find. Your expectations are often met in life as our life and business are mirroring our beliefs. Our brains work in the way that we always see for the proof that what we believe in is true. Even if that is destructive…

    If you believe opportunities are scarce, you’ll struggle to find them. This is true even if they’re right in front of your face.

  4. You take more risks with an abundance mindset. You believe the likelihood of success is greater, so you take more risks. The more you risk, the more you stand to gain. And this is what makes people successful – they are willing o try in order to see what works, not knowing the results in advance.

    Having a scarcity mindset you’re more likely to play it safe. You’re more afraid of losing what you have since you believe it will be difficult to get it back.

  5. Those with an abundance mindset are more relaxed. When you believe the world has everything you need, you can relax and enjoy life. You view the possibilities as endless. The overall viewpoint of your life is more positive.

    A scarcity mindset results in fear and pessimism. You believe you have to fight the world to get what you want and need. You have to protect what you have from loss. Your life is viewed negatively.

Do you think your view of the world is one of abundance or scarcity?

2 simple steps for the mindset change into abundance


One of the best ways to start viewing the world with abundance is to practice gratitude for what you already have.

Every day you can start your day by asking the questions I ask myself:

What I feel deeply grateful for today?

If you find it challenging, close your eyes, touch your heart and think about the person you love. And then ask again. It works for me, every time. And it also trains your brain to focus on what’s good.


The other is to give more. You can give money, your time, or give away a few of your possessions (BTW, I’m so positively obsessed about more minimalistic life, less material things I own, the more focused and light I feel). It will enforce the idea that there is always enough to go around.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Abundance will flow into your life if you allow it. After holding an abundance mindset for a few months, contrast that with your previous experience with scarcity. Choose the one that works for you 🙂

If you want more help with practicing ABUNDANCE MINDSET, especially connected with money, click here:

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