“My body is broken”, “I hate that I need to deal with that pain… What I’m doing wrong?”, “I just want to feel nothing, I want that to end”…

I was sitting on the bathroom floor, crying of helplessness…

I remember that night as it was yesterday. It was around 2 or 3 am… I got phlebitis

[*which is the inflammation in your veins that you feel like someone would take your veins like strings from your body and strained them to the point that the pain was unbearable]

When I look back, it was at my lowest point, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, feeling deeply anxious and disconnected to numb myself, having panic attacks, on top of that being exhausted by the cycles of chemo and radio,

I made the most LIFE-CHANGING DECISION of my life

There, on that cold bathroom floor,

I suddenly got a very clear picture in my head… of a Packman game (!)

I saw my white cells eating up the pain, cancer cells, anything that felt heavy, like in that computer game from my childhood. And I started repeating in my mind

I’m healthy”, “My body repairs itself”, “My body is wise and knows what to do”…

Looking back, that moment

I got my LIFE BACK

I got my power back by CHANGING MY MINDSET


Fast forward, I’m healthy now.

Even one year after the remission, I broke my spine, jumping from an extremely high bridge, and spent months mostly laying, learning how to walk again, I never went back to the “victim mode” again.

Since that “dark night” (physically and emotionally for me), I’ve been focusing on the solutions, not problems.

I started my YouTube channel with affirmations that now has hundreds of thousands of views and I help others to change their mindset. I empower others to change their businesses to fulfill their life-purpose. Because I know that life can end quickly. I saw it in the hospital so many times. That makes me use every day to the full. Never ever I felt so strong before.

I’m having tears in my eyes writing this, but these are happy tears.

I went thru hell to learn that 

MY MINDSET can make me or break me!

I learned it a hard way.

But there are so many people that don’t have to. That’s exactly why I’m sharing this story… Hope it inspires you in some way and maybe this is sth you need today…

Or someone you know <3 Send them this post then.

But now, tell me, what MINDSET SHIFT you can do today? What will make you, instead of break you?

Let me know!

Can’t wait to know you a bit better & see what we can have in common 🙂

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