Close your eyes… How clearly you see the person you want to serve? How does your potential client look like? What are the main thoughts in the head of someone from your target group? What keeps your ideal client avatar awake at night?


If you start working with me, your “dream client” will become the center of our sessions…
Until you’ll even hear my questions about your target audience in your head 😉 haha

Honestly, I can’t highlight better how important is to know your ideal client avatar, the person that you genuinely wanna help. Moreover, the person that you’ll have this positive obsession to know better and better, understand his/hers deepest frustrations and desires.

By knowing who you serve, who you build your offerings for and to who you speak through all your communication (i.e. blog posts, ads, any material you create in general), you’d know exactly what pushes their buttons to hire you and to work with you, not anyone else.


Target group – what’s that?


First of all, let’s clarify who this ideal client / best customer is.

As long as I’m a marketer and I lead different workshops, brainstormings, facilitate marketing groups, the most common doubt I hear is WHO IS my target group (as well called “ideal client”, “perfect customer”, “target audience”, “niche” etc.) Are these people who I coach right now? Or maybe the people that I wanna have on my coaching sessions as a client? What’s my target group really? So if I choose my target audience, does it mean I won’t work with the others at all? If I find my niche, does it mean that I’ll scare off all others?

To clarify it all, I’ll give you my simplest definition. The target group means people that you help and they pay you in return. That’s it! Simple as that!


Target group – people that you help and they pay you in return – Ania Aftowicz

I know it’s very simplistic, but it allows you to change your thinking. These are the people that are ready and willing to pay you for the value you provide. You’re doing what you do as your business, as your way of earning money. So when thinking about your ideal client, first think about someone who will see the value in what you’re doing.

Your ideal client is a person representing the whole group of people from your target audience. It can be a person that you work with already but doesn’t have to be. This will be the person that you want to attract, work with and can afford your services or products.


Why do I need a target client?


1.CLARITY of what to do, without doubts

By knowing who this person truly is, you’ll know what to do – what your offer will be (that will help the most in particular problems of your potential clients), how much to charge for it, where and how to promote it.

You’ll get rid of doubts what to talk to them about, where and when to talk them, as well as how. Consequently, you’ll focus on getting to know them better and better, create an authentic relationship with them to help and serve them on a deeper level. To give what you have to resolve their issues and release their pain.

It’s important to point out that you’ll talk differently to a woman that is in her 30s and is dealing with insomnia and to a man in his 50s who is having weight problems. Why? Because to be convincing with what you speak about, you need to know a lot about the issues they’re having right now to address them. To show how you can help them and why they can trust you. It could be your personal story or your experience. In addition, you’ll use different language, use different colors for your materials etc.

You’ll also find different places to reach them, right?! They probably hang out in different places (in real life and on the Internet)… Read different blogs, magazines… Listen to different podcasts. Reach for the help in different places. Search the Internet with different keywords when trying to find the answers to what is bothering them…

How will that help your business if you appear in that searches at the top of the page?
Would it raise your sales if you have the offers that they are just looking for?
Will that position you as the expert if the articles on your website that answer their burning questions about their condition?


2. HIGHER income

Having your specified target group, you’ll get rid of the excuses why you’re not yet with the offer out there, as you’d see it more as something that can truly help solving their issues, rather than something you wanna sell.

When knowing what their truly deep pain is, you can serve the best possible way.

You’ll address these problems and use the tools that based on your experience will work for them. That way you’d feel the need to share it with as many people as it’s possible. You’ll understand that if you go bigger with your offer, that will actually mean that you can change more lives and bring a real difference to the world (isn’t that what you’re truly called for? <3 )

Additionally, from your client perspective… They would much rather buy something from you if they see you’re specialized in helping people just like you. Let me ask you…  when having problems with fertility, would you rather go to a general doctor or a gynecologist? Who would have your bigger trust? Who do you think would be better to serve you, give advice, help you?

More people trust you, more they are eager to pay you for what you offer. They are often simply terrified if that additional healer will work this time. It’s not about you, it’s about them and they need to change their situation. Do everything to make them comfortable with this decision to hire you. You’ll make it through understanding them, listening to them, preparing materials that could help them. All of these BEFORE they buy from you your offerings.



If you’re for everybody, you’re for nobody. Your message, your help will dilute. You’ll not have the possibility to dive deep into your customers’ mind.

One of my friends used to say: “You are not here to make everyone satisfied… You’re not a whorehouse” (excuse my language – not going to deep into the saying, I think it’s so true when thinking about your business).

You can’t make everyone happy! If you believe you can, I’d rather ask you to look deeper if that’s not your limiting belief, that actually stops you from acting, rather than motivates you. You’ll turn some people off, but you’ll attract more of your tribe this way!


Will I lose some of the clients when having my niche?

Look at me. I could be offering to all business owners there are. I’m a business coach. But I chose health coaches, as I truly want to help them. I’m one of you! Many of my greatest friends are health coaches & healers. I’m so passionate about them! I’d spend hours on talking to the people from my target group, just to help them in the most genuine, effective way. I’m honestly obsessed with creating the coaching process that will make them grow and feel good on the way there.

Do I scare some people off? YES, of course! If potentially there is a business owner who wants to sell cigarettes, I bet (even if he miraculously come to my site), he’ll soon understand that I’m not a business coach for him! Even in theory, I could really help his business to grow. And this is good for me! As I wouldn’t like to work with him. It’s against my values. Do you get what I’m saying?

By showing how health is important to me (as well as my freedom to live & work on my own terms) I can attract people that are similar to me. That want to create the business that helps people, having their own health in mind as well. Not to be stressed about the whole process. I make it easy for them.

Doing that, my offer is an investment in their life and business, not the cost. It will soon pay off. From my experience, even sooner they think 😉

Are there other coaches or business owners that come to work with me? Of course! And if during a breakthrough call I feel that I could really help and they could have a positive impact on others around them, on their clients, I will. But this is not my main focus.

This is how you can create your tribe as well. People that like and trust you. People that will think when they look at you: “Wow! That person really gets me! Knows how I feel, what I struggle with. Like she’d be in my head, reading my mind! Or even she knows better what I need right now. She made me realize sth (…)”. That will be the best way to create an irresistible offer.

Therefore, without your ideal client avatar in your head, you’ll attract all bunch of different people. Also, the ones that you don’t want to work with (meaning that during the work with them they rather suck your energy, after the session you feel exhausted, not energized and happy). Believe me… I’ve been there.

If you’re attracting the people that are totally not your ideal clients, ask them how they found you, what made them contact you. As well, look into yourself and see if you really know who you want to work with. Maybe these clients are showing something to you. Learn from it and move on.

Finally, please remember – you can have all the knowledge there is, but if you lack action, you’ll not help anyone. That’s why in the next blog post, I’ll show you how to define your target group.

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Have an amazing day everyone! <3

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