Your money mindset is for your business like an operating system for your computer. It’s crucial whether it’s working well or not. It determines your choices as you act according to what you believe in. 

I help to build clarity in your business by implementing a well-crafted strategy for your particular case which makes you feel more confident, focus on the things in your business that matter, act consistently that brings the results in a shorter, more effective way that you’ve ever imagined.

But you know, anyone can follow a strategy or write a to-do list (sometimes with the little help if needed), but without a strong money mindset, you’re going to sabotage your business.

If you believe that work is hard and that earning money is stressful (and of course your health is extremely important to you), you’ll be stopping yourself from taking action, just to protect yourself. If you believe that highering your prices will make you look greedy, you’ll be stopping yourself from preparing an amazing service to your clients, as you’ll be more focused to make ends meet and book yourself fully in order to maintain it.

That’s why I add the mindest work to my service. I see so big shifts happening to my clients when they go through their barriers and learn how to deal with them in the future. And the barriers will more likely occur – they are just making us better in what we do.

How to change your money mindset?

So, today I prepared the affirmations that will help you achieve desired financial freedom.
If you aren’t happy with your earnings, your business doesn’t generate the income you really want, despite all your efforts, it’s hard for you to make your business grow, check out that video.

Even it could be hard to believe, your financial condition is directly connected with your beliefs about money and being wealthy.

How supportive are your beliefs about money and being wealthy? What do you believe about money? Where these beliefs come from? I also prepared a short exercise at the beginning of the video to check them out.

3 steps to change your money mindset

Once you transform your money mindset, everything changes. These 3 steps are a very simple but powerful tool to choose empowering beliefs will set the foundation of success.

  1. Be conscious
    Be the leader of your mind. Be conscious of what you feed your mind by (what you watch, what you listen to, what you think, what you say, who you surround yourself by). Make sure it’s positive for your money mindset.
  2. Interrupt when something is limiting you
    Whenever you notice, some thoughts don’t work for you, interrupt and stop them in your head.
    Faster you do that, the better.
  3. Redirect your mind to what works for you
    And then change them into positive, strengthening thoughts.
    At the beginning that can be very awkward and hard. but believe me – it will become easier when you notice changes.

Affirmations will allow you to change what you think. So if you struggle to redirect your mind, just click that video below and listen to what is recorded in there.

These affirmations were specially designed to build in your mind positive beliefs about money, earning money, charging money and all issues connected with making an abundant, wealthy life happen. Enjoy!

To strengthen your mental muscles, acknowledge yourself and let me know what changed in your perception about money. Celebrate it! You’re on your best path to success! <3

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