I don’t even know how to thank Ania for all her work!
I did 5 months business coaching with her and during that time my mindset and approach to my business have changed so much!

When we started I was at a point where I just couldn’t imagine myself in the future. I was burnt out, didn’t have any ideas and didn’t even know what I wanted to do further. From the very first session with Ania I understood what my priorities are and which direction to go. She helped me not only with my mindset, but together we came up with some brilliant ideas for my business.

Thanks to sessions with Ania I changed my website, I created my ideal customer and I finally know what I’m doing. I really recommend Ania and her coaching. She is an amazing, patient and understanding coach that can help you with finding your own path in business and private life.

Asia Szreder, owner OK English, The Blond Travels


I was full of big dreams, I had a big list of goals, I felt the desire to create and to contribute, and I thought that I only needed a firm structure, discipline, strong will and someone who will kick my ass if I don’t deliver. So, I hired Ania, a beautiful business coach, who was also a fellow IIN health coach, believing that I was in a modern space shuttle that would take me to the planet Success.

Trust me, as a health coach myself, I’d do everything to help my clients come into harmony before they pursue with such a demanding endeavor. However, as I said, that special treatment would be reserved for the clients. No, not for me, as I didn’t have the time for that soft work. I knew that I needed to make the things happen because it was my calling. In reality, I was a tired working mom in a foreign country, exhausted by the anxiety, stress, Nordic darkness, social rules, home, children, insomnia, and I suffered from burnout. Nevertheless, I had a huge sense of urgency to “GET THERE”.

Ania acknowledged my desires, wisely spotted my obstacles and helped me navigate the well of emotions that would come up while I was trying to accomplish my weekly tasks. The truth is that I wasn’t delivering the way I thought I would. I felt stuck. I didn’t have the desire to do any of it. Fortunately, I realized that I couldn’t skip the important work. The first step was – myself.

Instead of putting my business coaching process on hold, I was lucky to have Ania whose areas of expertise were broad enough so she could meet me exactly where I was and support my transformational process. The level of passion, devotion, love, gentleness and at the same time firmness and confidence that this wonder woman showed was out of this world. The coaching techniques that Ania used were outstanding and I am forever grateful for having her in my life as my coach, my mentor and above everything my dear friend and my soul sister.

Ania, you’ve helped me to come back home and to pursue my dreams from a much sweeter and more genuine place. Creating and working from the heart and feeling it every single day deep into my bones is the best feeling in the world. Thank you!

Marija Maravic, owner Healthy Atelier, holistic health coach

I came to Ania as I wanted to change my passion for health and wellness into the business. I not only got clarity of what to do and how to achieve my goals, but also I make the plan happen in a way that is good for me and my family.

I own an online shop with crystals that support people’s health, I became a wellness ambassador in my community, I regularly engage with my audience on social media, my business is developing. I do all that in a way that feels good to me!

If you start your business, you are not confident and you need someone to push you or give you some advice, Ania is the best person for it! Ania will find your talents and show you where you need to work on! She is very kind, helpful and always going above and beyond in her role! Strongly recommend!

Anna Majka, Cure Beads Producer

Ania is an experienced marketeer and a great business coach but there is something extra special about her and that is her presence. Not only is it always calming and encouraging but there is something about it that makes you feel truly supported and understood. She is a walking encyclopaedia of tools and techniques and has a suggestion for almost any challenge you might come across in relation to your business and/or your mindset.

Ania leads by example, she walks the talk which I feel is especially important when coaching other people. She herself is constantly evolving, improving, seeking. Her business advise is priceless and as coach she really does ask the right questions. They push you to decide on your business goals, the direction, the best plan of action and implementation. The rest is up to us of course 🙂

Kasia Olszko, Mindful Leadership Coach

She is a high-class coach. The work with Ania is, on one hand, a pleasure, on the other highly effective for your personal development.

Every practice session gave me the power to go further to achieve change but also clarified my personal needs and strengths that support the future I want. Practice sessions are well organized and structured. Topics are always discussed deeper than you can expect with a dose of spontaneity. You can’t be born within but you can get to know yourself on the deeper level if you are engaged and honest. Forget about being not prepared, because Ania keeps the coaching process structure, being in touch after the sessions and asking post class also.

If you really think about transformation or just need to change something in your professional or personal life,
I highly recommend coach Ania to contact and work with.

Grzegorz Grzechca, Area Sales Manager, Cargill

In an amazing, positive atmosphere of the sessions with Ania, I discovered myself, my desired goals, and I gained not only self-confidence, but also the confidence in what I really want to do. I don’t care what others think of me anymore, because I believe in myself. The path that I dicovered thanks to Ania is making me happy. Thank you Ania from all my heart

Kornelia Olejnik, Kornelia Make-Up Artist

I was going through an exceptionally difficult period in my life when I first contacted Ania. I felt that in order to move forward and overcome my issues I would need expert help and guidance. Instantly, I was blown away by Ania’s professionalism, positivity, enthusiasm and warmth and I immediately took to our sessions. Initially, I started noticing little changes here and there in the areas of my life that we had identified needed working on.
However, it wasn’t until five months into our sessions that I had my first fundamental breakthrough. This was followed by a noticeably seismic shift in my attitude to all areas of my life. I also started noticing how everything in my life seemed to just be effortlessly falling into place. My energy levels were up, I was far more motivated, positive and determined. Moreover, I started trusting my gut feelings and making serious life choices with conviction. Most importantly, I was finally recognising my self-worth, which was a fundamental issue that I had been struggling with my whole life.
When first starting my sessions with Ania my expectation was to make changes to the areas of my life that I wasn’t satisfied with. At the time, I lacked the self-awareness to recognise that in fact all of these issues were connected to a much larger problem. I have nothing but praise and admiration for Ania in guiding me on my journey of self-realisation and helping me overcome my obstacles.

Marianna Góral, digital learning, academic journalist, educational consultant

What is the most valuable for me when working with Ania is her holistic approach and combining different tools to enrich and develop your life. From specific, behavioral, these which support your psyche, to spirituality.
Amazing trainer – she knows how to ask a proper question  I highly recommend her!

Kasia Herman- Janiec

In extremely empathetic atmosphere I enhance my self-consciousness, I discover my own abilities and what I want to do!
I can easily say that I earn on what I love 
I answered myself who I am and I made the deep transformation how I treat myself. I simply feel freedom.
Amazing experience.
Ania, thank you for being there for me on my journey, for authentic relation without anything unnecessary.
I recommend from the bottom of my heart

Ania Pyra, leadership coach

Deciding on the start of the coaching process, I chose Ania amongst many coaches, not only because she is great at what she does, but also because of her specialization – the brand coaching. Every session was extremely valuable experience, and also consistent work that brought me into my business strategy and building new career path
Magdalena Piekło – IBM Lead Agile Trainer, ACC ICF Coach

Ania is a very good coach. She listens to what you say and even what you didn’t know you were saying… Makes those difficult questions in order for you to realize the truth! Loving and kind, Ania is a very wise and reliable “partner” to walk with us a way we choose (and need) to grow ourselves. Ania helped me to realize my true value and work choices
Teresa Patinha, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Osteopath

How in the atmosphere of full trust, inner peace and kindness find the path to self. Understand, like, believe in… In few words, this is what I experienced when working with Ania. Professionalism, extreme intuition, and honest empathy. My full trust! HIGHLY recommend!
Izabela Krzeszowiec, CEO Halbo

Ania is a wonderful coach! When deciding on my own business, I needed someone who will help me set up my strategy, clearly describe and communicate WHO is my brand and what benefits it brings to the lives of the others! I wanted my message to be clear, and actions to bring desired effects! Her effectiveness, elimination of distractions and focus on what’s important allowed me to achieve the results. Ania is special! She injects positivity and inspires to discover what is the best in us and all around us! Thank you for it, Ania!
Agnieszka Tasiulis-Dronkers, Professional Coach ICF ACC/Mentor/Trainer at TASIULIS Coaching

I have re-discovered Ania when seeing her movie about motivation and I knew immediately that I have to contact her to help myself to handle a difficult moment in my private and professional life! It was the best decision I have made to handle the situation and change my life. Ania is a very experienced and trustful coach. Her amazing patience and very accurate questions (not always easy though) made me deeply thinking and changing my points of view, building up my mental strength and simply “let it all go”. This resulted in finding good and honest statements which led me to valuable moves in my life. Saint Francis said that “iron gets sharpen by iron”, Ania is the one you wish to talk to when you want to see your life in more precise shape.

I started working with Ania Aftowicz with clear goals, but too numerous. Our sessions were very fruitful. After each, I had a different approach to things and I discovered new possibilities. As the effect, I know how to progress and how to focus on what’s real and important to me.
Sessions with Ania were a great pleasure and I know that I met someone with enormous competencies.
During the year, I was coming back to her with different questions about coaching and she always found time to support me, with full involvement, despite “after hours”. I truly recommend Ania!

Natalia Saniewska, owner of Pimenta Studio

I began coaching with Ania when I wanted to start my own business, but despite many ideas how to do that, I had a problem to actually do the work. Thanks to her experience and intuitive understanding what I really need, we succeeded in two things. First, we set up a clear system of work that allowed me to deal with my procrastination. Second, agree on where to start, what I need to rethink, what to organize, what to have in place to consistently act towards my goals. Thanks to that, my current work is consistent, daily, focused and what is the most important – effective.
Marcin Olejniczak

Ania has been fantastic and helped me tremendously in my private life. I came to her to better understand my needs and wants with regards to romantic relationships and also to help organize what was happening with my emotions. I really appreciated her deep knowledge and sincere integrity. She has an innate ability to meet you where you are and communicate effectively and productively. Ania clearly demonstrates a seasoned level of knowledge and experience and a passion for what she does. Her understanding of emotional intelligence creates a safe place to open up. I am truly grateful for her help. In a space of only 6 sessions, she took me through a hurdle that I have tried to overcome for 10 years.
Lucy Sierociuk

Ania, every meeting with you was intensive, strengthening and every time I discovered new questions in me that you helped me to find answers for. You created ideal conditions to “showdown”, security, peace, support, objectivity. I would compare the work with you to a sincere conversation with your guard Angel, full of warmth and understanding for your own self. Few intense meetings and I know that “levitating” over my life path is not productive. I became more grounded and set 3 goals for myself to accomplish (…) Changes, changes, changes – I mean: great changes🙂. I surround myself with wonderful, supportive people – thanks to you I know what relationship with another person I am interested in. I get to know better my true desires, what I dream about. Thanks to you I got great tips on the world of business and professional career 🙂 I am so happy I found you on my path 🙂
Justyna Mikołajewska

I got to know Ania during my new challenge to develop my company and my new website. At the beginning, we were supposed to work during few weeks, but I know it already that it will last much longer 🙂 Ania is not only very precise, reliable and firm but also extremely nice, kind and open-minded. Every meeting with her, even not the easy one, was always very valuable, leading to real progress in the development of the project idea, as well as real business solutions. Ania very skilfully showed me potential possibilities, but I was the one to decide. Her extensive experience, broad competencies, and her enormous commitment made this cooperation extremely fruitful. Thank you Ania for all!
Joanna Jaśków-Pinderak, owner of VIKING school

Ania is a highly qualified coach with extensive business experience and marketing knowledge. She is very enthusiastic, works with passion and has a deep understanding of customer needs. My coaching process helped to structure and develop my new business idea. After 6 coaching sessions, I have a clear vision of my start-up, defined target group, marketing plan and goals I want to achieve. I strongly recommend the cooperation with Ania.
Agnieszka Grostal, CEO Salents

Ania helped me understand that the essence of what I do is authenticity, which is my greatest strength. She made realize that when sharing my passions and igniting them in others I’m fulfilling myself, not distracting, as I previously thought and judged myself because of that. Despite song-writing and performing, I love to be a mom, design and sew clothing lines, I am passionate about healthy cooking. I promote breastfeeding and I’m a fan of conscious, healthy diet, which I share through all my social channels. Thanks to coaching I got rid of the guilt that I put too much time into my other passions, not focusing only on building my music career. When I made it clear to myself (with priceless help of Ania), I enjoy sharing every little piece I create, doesn’t matter if that’s a new song, meal for my son or hand-made dress. Thanks to Ania I also took part in a commercial campaign, using my personal brand in line with who I really am, with my core values, as I know now what makes me happy and what I can share with others in the authentic way. I consider coaching with Ania as the best what could happen to me at this stage of my life and professional career. I truly recommend working with that incredible woman and the amazing coach.
Alicja Janosz, musician and author mamuni.pl

Going through the coaching process with Ania enabled me to fully use my team potential to meet ambitious year sales goals. She helped me to ask the right questions at the right time to re-discover best strengths of my subordinates which allowed me to form my goal: sales dream-team. Ania is very inspiring, honest and open person who has the special talent of making you feel empowered. She has the ability to really listen what you say or even what you want to say. Her coaching allows you to structure your own thoughts that everything looks clear. She is efficient without forgetting to be emphatic at the same time, understanding and to the point – the best coach one can wish for. Her leadership background adds the other dimension and another layer of depth to her particular mix of abilities. She perfectly understands the role of the leader and I recommend her to all the managers that want to be more effective. As a result of working with Ania, I managed to achieve the goals with which I came to Coach.
Krzysztof Próchnicki, Sales Director

I want to thank Anna for her amazing coaching/supervisory/mentoring support. As Ania’s Client and a colleague being a coach myself, I truly recommend Anna for her inspiration and I feel privileged to have worked with her at this early stage in my coaching career.

Using that combination of broad expertise, profound insight, uncanny intuition and a refreshingly creative approach – let’s not forget her amazing box of tricks – Anna has helped mold my mind away from habitual blocks. Meeting Anna brought a genuinely caring influence into my life acting like a catalyst unlocking my ambitious nature.

Last, but not least, coworking and copartnering with Anna in the field of educational coaching is always the peak of performance and a guarantee of the best quality. Looking forward to new prospective endeavors!
Daria Lewandowska, Transformational Coach, owner Selfmakers

Anna Aftowicz is a great partner to achieve significant change.
You can feel full acceptance which is crucial for open discussion with yourself. During the session she is in the background but totally focused on you, giving you space and follows yours thinking process, helps you to see the challenge from different perspectives. She draws from her business and coaching experience and you can only benefit from this professional combination.
I had a few aha! moments during our meetings and feel the real change in my personal and professional life.
I recommend you Anna as a coach to guide you to NEW.
Aneta Adaszyńska

Ania helped me to make decisions and verbalize priorities in building my personal, as well as my company’s branding. Having well-structured target group and clear positioning I can now grow Active Strategy, the company I founded, in the direction I always wanted. Whole coaching process was logic, concrete and well-adjusted to my goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and wish to cooperate and use her advice in the future.
Wojciech Paździor, Coach and Founder of Active Strategy

Ania Aftowicz is a pleasure to work with, and I feel very fortunate that I had her as my career coach. Ania is thoughtful, intelligent, organized and she is an excellent listener. Combine these characteristics with her multitude of skills and expertise in both coaching and business world, and she has propelled my career as an emerging entrepreneur. She also helped me to prioritize things regarding my academic work.
I would definitely recommend her as a coach.
Kamila Szkwarek, Head of HR