Do you want to be a successful health coach?! Well, I bet so… That’s why you’re here!
That was so sad when I realized how many wonderful health coaches are out there who struggle to build their full-time business doing what they love, and what they are called to do.

Being a health coach myself, I started to ask myself over and over again “How can I change other peoples’ lives in a healthy way and support these amazing lightworkers as well?”

You know, at the beginning I thought that doing health coach job will support the most people. But having all these conversations with fellow health coaches on the way, giving them business and marketing advice, made me wonder.

I started to see they’re overwhelmed, hear their questions if that is even possible to be a successful health coach (especially if you start now), I empathized with their struggles and  I realized what they mostly need is a structure, clear strategy to follow to get rid of this doubts.

And instead of giving my input to them directly one-to-one, sharing my experience in building brands (I’ve done it for  more than 10 years, across many markets, for many global and smaller brands) and asking them the right questions that they needed to hear, I started the Feel Good Boss project that is all about it.

In here I’ll be sharing with you my knowledge, I’ll support you with marketing materials, I will show you what you need to do be a successful health coach, find your ideal clients and get them want what you’re offering. Read more about how we could work together in here.

Despite all the knowledge about the business, marketing and selling, you also need the mindset that will make you successful. They are a crucial factor in your thriving business.

Your thoughts create your reality. What you think about your business and your work with clients and making money from it, influence your results.

You can follow a strategy or write a to-do list, but without a strong money mindset, you’re going to sabotage your business. Once you transform your money mindset everything changes. Affirmations will allow you to change what you think.

I recorded these affirmations to help you with your positive MINDSET around your business.

You act consistently with your beliefs – whether they are true or not. Be the leader of your mind.
Be conscious what you feed your mind by (what you watch, what you hear, what you think about, the way you think, self-talk). Feed your mind with what is working for you! Interrupt whatever doesn’t work for you and redirect your mind to what works.

Listen to these affirmations once a day for a month and you’ll see how your approach changes. You will become calmer and more self-confident. You’ll act more consistently thanks to that, get rid of overwhelm and disturbing thoughts which are sabotaging your business’ success.

Let me know how this experience was for you and how I could support you better. What questions you have that I can answer. Read more about me in here.

Most of all, if you want to bring this conversation to the next level, don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE breakthrough call with me.

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Have a wonderful day!
With love,

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