I support passionate health coaches and healers to build their full-time businesses, 
that allow them to fulfill their life purpose
and make them feel loved, abundant, in the flow and more alive

I know how overwhelming building your business can be. 
So let me help you change your dreams to earn from doing what you truly love & meant to do!

I have extensive knowledge in the marketing field, with 10 years of experience in strategic brand building in various countries.
I’m a health coach myself and I fully understand what you’re all about.

  • I show you simple steps to create your brand, that will be loved by your clients.
    Strong and memorable, to be the first “go-to” choice in your niche
  • help you choose your ideal client, without you feeling stressed that you limit yourself (the truth is quite the opposite)
  • support in building an effective communication strategy, in order for your client to clearly understand what value you’re providing
  • show how to promote yourself, without the fear of coming across as pushy, obnoxious or awkward
  • help you overcome the overwhelm of different media channels and what to choose
  • show how to prepare a real plan to spend your time efficiently to market your business
    I simply support you to change your field of expertise into a profitable, lasting stream of income, in order for you to do that full-time, for as long as you wish for.

Ready to work together?


The 3-month coaching process is designed to help you get crystal clear where you wanna go and how to do that (in marketing jargon: build the strategy for your business with a detailed marketing plan to implement and see immediate results)

With this intensive support from my side for the full 5 months, you’ll not only create a clear strategy for your business, but I’ll be next to you to implement it and work on any obstacle on the way. We’ll work with your mindset, get rid of any limiting beliefs and guide you even further to achieve your goals.