Do you feel that you want to make a real impact on others’ lives…
But you’re tired of spinning your wheels all the time when nothing seems to work?

Don’t know where to start, how to really stand out, in order for your ideal client to choose you, instead of your competition?

It even crosses your mind that a successful wellness business was not meant for you… meanwhile, somewhere deep down you know that you’re meant for more?

Are you overwhelmed by all the options to promote yourself, but all that marketing stuff seems to be too complicated?
And that really frustrates you…?

You know what…


Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy

Jim Rohn

Well-designed, best suited for your ideal client strategy, with clear brand positioning and a full understanding of the benefits you give and how to communicate them, is a core of the successful business.

The strategy (in simple words: how to get from point A, where you are, to point B – where you wanna be) will set you free.
It will show you what is effective for your particular coaching model, what to focus on and what is even much more important – what to STOP doing (!)
Yes, you have 24 hours a day and the key is to spend it on what really matters to you and your people. With strategy, you’d know what your next step will be, without distractions. And I know what I’m talking about 😉 For more than 10 years I’ve been developing brands, from global on a multinational level to personal brands, led by passionate entrepreneurs.

And yes, you can do a business course to develop your strategy… but if that’s very generic, it can only add to the confusion. The KEY difference of hiring a coach (who has been in your shoes) is that we will develop a business plan that has your unique DNA in it (which makes competition irrelevant).

Relax, I’ve got you covered!

I created 2 original coaching programs, fully designed on my know-how from the strategic marketing field, as well as my last 5 years when working with other entrepreneurs, to give you the most in the shortest time possible. Without empty promises.


From wanting to be an entrepreneur, being overwhelmed and tired of juggling too many balls at once, you’ll be fully confident and ready to bring that life-changing impact you really want to make

  • Your first high paid clients booked

  • Have yourself set up for consistent  2-5 K months

  • Get a solid foundation for your business to build on for the coming years (you know who you are, what your message is and who your ideal client is – this will LITERALLY save you years of ‘trying’ and investing in all the wrong things!)

  • Positioning is everything! You’ll know how to stand out (by developing a steady business plan that has your unique DNA in it) and effortlessly attract your soul-aligned clients)

What you’ll achieve:

  • Set up clear goals for what you truly want in your business (not what you think you should)
  • Create a tailor-made strategy for your business, specific niche
    You’ll know exactly how to achieve your goals, step-by-step
  • Make you feel confident how to communicate to your target
    in order to be well-understood
    You’ll know what words to choose, how to write about your services
  • Connect the dots between who you truly are
    and how you bring the value
    You’ll name your biggest benefit to make clients decide to work with you
  • Create clear brand positioning in order to know what to focus on in communication
  • Set detailed marketing plan to achieve your strategy
    and bring you sustainable results

What you get:

  • Intensive work with me for 3 months
  • Two 90-min. coaching sessions per month
  • Summary of every session sent to your inbox
  • Recordings of every session that you can come back to them, whenever you wish
  • Email support in between sessions
  • All the materials you need to develop your business
  • Handouts specific to your needs and goals
  • Closed FB support group where I record the materials to help you achieve your goals and I answer all questions asked by my clients
  • My full commitment to support you
    during the whole process


You have big dreams and goals where you want to be, but something is holding you back… I’ll help you let go of the ‘old’, whatever is on the way to the life you want to have!

With this program, you’ll not only set up your business into a massive success but also make real, impactful changes in your energy levels and your mindset to make this transition sustainable, on your own terms.

  • Your business will get clear positioning, strategy, and marketing plan to make it fully-booked

  • Success comes from within, so we’ll focus a lot on YOU – your mindset and your personal growth, which will translate in every part of your business (and lead to effortless success)

  • You’ll get confidence in taking inspired action and space for experimenting.
    Clarity comes from action, not thought. In order to build a business you’ll love for years and years, I’ll guide you in taking action, and getting real-life feedback on your ideas so that we craft your offers and business model (while you’re getting paid already)

  • I’ll be on your side, whenever you’ll meet any blocks and bumps on the way to support you every way possible

What you’ll achieve:

  • Everything from 3-month coaching
  • 2 months of implementing the strategy you set,
    with me by your side
  • My mentoring, when you need to adjust your plan
  • Mindset work, because as you put massive action
    and go out of your comfort zone,
    your limiting beliefs and fears will melt the surface

What you get:

  • Intensive work with me for 5 months
  • Two 90-min. coaching sessions per month
  • Additional 60-min. mentoring session
  • Feedback how to adjust the strategy when taking action and getting real-life feedback from your ideal clients
  • Summary of every session sent to your inbox
  • Recordings of our sessions that you can come back to them whenever you want
  • Individual recordings for you to listen in between our sessions
  • Email support between sessions
  • All the materials you need to develop your business
  • Handouts specific to your needs and goals
  • Closed FB support group where I record the materials to help you achieve your goals and I answer all questions asked by my clients
  • My full commitment to support you
    during the whole process

Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right 

Henry Ford

Please note that I don’t believe in ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach. The program will be adjusted to your particular needs that we set up at the beginning of our work together. You set goals and I’ll be here to make sure you meet them. This work won’t be based on some general model. We’ll dig deep into your specific niche and your business model. To do it your way, as you want, and what will make you happy and fulfilled, having all the joy to work with ease!

My coaching programs are for you if:
  • You’re ready to change how you do things.
    I’ll tell you straight away – as long you do the same things the same way, nothing changes.
  • You’re fully committed to giving the best you can to make it happen.
  • You’re ready for intensive work
  • You know that with the clarity of what to do, you’ll be ready to proceed and do the work.
  • You’re open to learning and experimenting with different options, with my full support.
My coaching programs ARE NOT for you if:
  • You’re not ready to change. You prefer to stay in the situation you’re in.
  • You’re searching for excuses, rather than solutions.
  • You prefer not to make any decisions yet. You stay in the indecisive mode.
  • You’re not ready to invest in yourself and in your brand.
  • You treat your coaching more as a hobby, rather than a business that will make your living.
  • You’re not determined to take the action against your goals.

Have questions about this program? Please check the following FAQ or feel free to contact me if you have any questions not answered.

What is the biggest difference between 3 and 5-month program?

The 3-month program focuses on designing a strategy for your business. The longer program covers all that, but also allows me to be with you, by your side, “holding your hand” and supporting you all the way when you implement it. When any issues appear, it needs adjustments based on the feedback from your target group. So the 5-month program is more in-depth. We work on your business mindset, we address any limiting beliefs that occur. And it will happen – because when you act, go out of your comfort zone, they show you the way to develop yourself. And I’m here to help you to keep you on track, whenever there are any barriers.

What’s the investment?

My coaching programs start at 500 Euros per month. There are payments plan available and fast-action bonuses. Ask me about them during our breakthrough call. 

How can I qualify to join your program?

In order to be qualified to be a part of my program, we need to mutually agree that this is the best option for your future development and I’m the best person to help you. During a free Breakthrough Call through Skype, we’ll clarify what are your goals for the coaching, what you truly want to achieve. I need to be sure that I can help you and I’ll be your best choice. I don’t work for everyone. I work with people that are committed, motivated to change their lives and businesses, open to the feedback and willing to take consistent action towards their goals. I also work with people that I feel I could really help. This is extremely important to me – I want to be sure I can make the difference in your work and your business. Click here to schedule a breakthrough call with me.

How can I reserve my spot for the free consultation?

In order to be qualified to take part in one of my programs, I want to speak with you first during the free Breakthrough Call through Skype. Before the meeting, when we agree on the best time for us to talk, I’ll send you the list of questions for you to answer before the consultation. I want to spend time with you the most productive way possible. To book your call, please click here to ensure your spot.

Can I take part in your program without the breakthrough call?

No, I’m sorry. I need to talk to you before accepting you as one of my clients. I need to be sure I can effectively help you to achieve your goals and our cooperation will bring a real positive impact on your business. I want to be sure you’re ready to see the changes that will happen rapidly when we start working with each other. To book your free call, please click here to ensure your spot.

Is it possible to set a strategy & plan in 3 months?

Yes, you can. I’ve worked on hundreds of strategies for many global brands and small businesses during my work in corporate and later as a consultant for other companies for the last 10+ years. I’m experienced in how to do that effectively and in a structure you need. It’s focused on what is most important. Not filled with the fluffy stuff you don’t really need. So we can do that if you’re committed to working intensively and achieving what is essential for the sustainable success of your biz.

Ania is a wonderful coach! When deciding on my own business, I needed someone who will help me set up my strategy, clearly describe and communicate WHO is my brand and what benefits it brings to the lives of the others! I wanted my message to be clear, and actions to bring desired effects! Her effectiveness, elimination of distractions and focus on what’s important allowed me to achieve the results. Ania is special! She injects positivity and inspires to discover what is the best in us and all around us! Thank you for it, Ania!

Agnieszka Tasiulis-Dronkers, Professional Coach ICF ACC/Mentor/Trainer at TASIULIS Coaching

<3 In extremely empathetic atmosphere I enhance my self-consciousness, I discover my own abilities and what I want to do!
I can easily say that I earn on what I love 
I answered myself who I am and I made the deep transformation how I treat myself. I simply feel freedom.
Amazing experience.

Ania, thank you for being there for me on my journey, for authentic relation without anything unnecessary.
I recommend from the bottom of my heart 

Ania Pyra, Leadership Coach

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